Staying at the Jumby Bay resort (on a small island just 7 minutes away from the mainland) was great, but every now and again jumping on the ferry to get across to the mainland of Antigua was also fun and an adventure, especially when you love food and beaches like we do. We looked forward to going to new places or restaurant that we had not yet tried.  It was great to discover what else Antigua had to offer. In fact, it was also useful for the smaller – but important things, like finding a great local Black Barber in St John’s for example.

Jumby Bay resort provided us with a great car service such as your company “Dominion Management & Services Plus Ltd”

We did pop across the mainland quite often, and a very nice lady called Miranda happened to be our chauffeur.  Miranda had collected us from the airport when we arrived in Antigua.  Her service was great!  So we requested her for all our on island trips.

In fact, we got to very much appreciate Miranda’s warm personality, positivity and character; she is a resilient person and was also always on time or arriving before the scheduled time.

Her professionalism was something, which is hard to find nowadays in this crazy world where people just don’t often enjoy what they do; so Miranda was a complete breath of fresh air.

By the end of our long stay in Antigua, Miranda was really a friend. We had talked about all sorts of stuff – some trivial and fun, some serious and emotional – but at the end of it all, Miranda was just a very nice lady, doing a professional job for a terrific, local Antiguan company – also owned by a woman, we gather – which was great to see. It really made a big difference to our overall stay. We’ll go back to Jumby Bay and part of that will be because of Miranda.

Fred & Simon from London


Fast and professional are the best words to best describe the Dominion team, they got me to my business meeting on time, looking forward to next time!

Tony & Gary Biffer - Ford Party Bus

These guys are so reliable, I can always count on them to get me to my business meetings on time regardless of the traffic, weather or time of day!

Mike Jones - Luxury Sedan